Blog Quiz 2014

It’s time for the annual fun-fest that is Blog Quiz. Ten questions that should be a piece of cake for anyone who kept an eye on the blog in 2014. Answers below.

1. What was the name of the star who St Andrews honoured with a bronze effigy this year?
A. Alex Salmond.
B. Hamish McHamish.
C. Sean Connery.

2. What did I film by St Andrews Castle?
A. A European shag.
B. A blue-footed booby.
C. A king penguin.

3. Who or what stuck her tongue out at me on the East Sands as I took her photo?
A. A rude bulldog.
B. A cheeky seal.
C. Miley Cyrus.

4. Who took over and re-opened The Byre Theatre this year?
A. Donald Trump.
B. Mike Ashley.
C. The University of St Andrews.

5. Who did I film making the positive case for the Union ahead of the Scottish Independence Referendum?
A. Alistair Darling.
B. Gordon Brown.
C. Katie Hopkins.

6. What metaphorical animals did I spot on the day of the referendum?
A. Yes and No ducks.
B. Aye and Nae horses.
C. Yah and Nah pheasants.

7. What curious alien did I spot on a visit to Birmingham.
A. A voluptuous Vulcan.
B. A camp Xenomorph.
C. A disconcerted Wookie.

8. What shimmering see-through creatures did I find washed up on the West Sands.
A. Sea potatoes.
B. Sea gooseberries.
C. Sea cucumbers.

9. Which well-known author opened the StAnza International Poetery Festival in 2014?
A. J.K. Rowling.
B. Iain Banks.
C. Louis de Bernières.

10. This year I found out the pecking order in St Andrews Harbour. Which was the top bird?
A. Heron.
B. Swan.
C. Mockingjay.

1 B. 2. A. 3. A. 4. C. 5. A. 6. A. 7. B. 8. B. 9. C. 10. B.

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