London 2012 Olympic Games Diary: 31 July

A couple of notable performances today from Team GB. The three day eventing team including (y’know) Zara Phillips claimed a silver medal, watched by numerous royals including Zara’s mum plus Wills, Kate, and Harry. Meanwhile the Team GB women’s football team scored an impressive 1-0 win over Brazil. Thus winning all three of their group games without conceding a goal and heading into their quarter-final with Canada brimming with confidence.

There was controversy in the pool as doping accusations started flying about 16 year old gold medal winning Chinese swimmer, Ye Shiwen, after she completed the final 50m of her 400m individual medley in a faster time than Ryan Lochte managed in the equivalent men’s race. For good measure she’s also won the 200m individual medley in record time as well. Still, innocent until proven guilty, I guess. Until there’s evidence it will just look like smears and sour grapes and no one wants that.

A shameful incident occurred on the badminton court as the China and South Korea women’s badminton doubles teams both tried to lose a match to get the draw they wanted. Seemingly the Chinese pair wanted to avoid the number 2 Chinese team until the final. But this spread to a second game involving an Indonesian pair and more South Koreans. To see the players deliberately missing shots to the boos and jeers of the crowd was ridiculous and embarrassing both for the sport and the Olympics.

In quirky news Olympic mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville, are seemingly the new Ant and Dec, in that no one knows which is which. It’s actually quite easy to remember. Wenlock is the one who always stands on the left. The much maligned aliens have also been accused of being a part of some sinister Illuminati plot for world domination. The tenuous link here is that the rather phallic duo both have one eye like the Illuminati (and Freemason) symbol of the ‘all-seeing eye’.

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