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At the start of the year I made a resolution to blog more in 2011. It’s been fun developing the site and trying out different things. Here’s a quiz based on what I’ve been up to this year. All of the answers can be found in my blog posts and tweets from 2011.

Q1. Which professor was involved in what I described as a ‘pointing incident’?

A. Susan Greenfield.
B. Brian Cox.
C. Bruce Hood.

Q2. I was prevented from reporting on an RUK fees protest at St Andrews University by what?

A. An anti-terror janitor.
B. A pro-terror window cleaner.
C. A bi-curious dinner lady.

Q3. Which artificially intelligent chatbot appeared to join in with a joke about George Osborne when I chatted to it?

C. Cleverbot.

Q4. What did David Mitchell and I disagree about on Twitter?

A. The dates of the Regency period.
B. Whether 10 O’Clock Live should get a second series.
C. Whether he’s partly to blame for what the Lib Dems have done because he supported them.

Q5. Which journal did I publish a new paper in?

A. Cognitive Science.
B. Biological Cybernetics.
C. Nature.

Q6. Which journalist did I mistake for a spoof character?

A. James Delingpole.
B. Harry Cole.
C. Milo Yiannopoulos.

Q7. Who was I referring to when I wrote ‘Why did she have to dry-hump Glastonbury?’

A. Lauren Laverne.
B. Beyonce.
C. Beth Ditto.

Q8. Who inspired a five finger plan for scientific research?

A. Rebekah Brooks.
B. Johann Hari.
C. Lord Monckton.

Q9. Who did I say that I wanted to be chased out of town with sticks?

A. David Cameron.
B. Rupert Murdoch.
C. Bono.

Q10. What did I say that Theresa May had declared war on after the London riots?

A. Being outside.
B. Hip-hop.
C. Twats.

Answers next week.

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